LIBA, is one of the premier management schools in India, recognized for offering top quality business education and continuously strives for academic excellence. LIBA is glad to introduce to you our Certificate Programmes. The programmes focus on various functional areas of business and management and give you the adequate expertise to carry out the task. These programmes are ideal for those on a fast track to improve their knowledge and skills for managerial positions.

Course Duration

8 Weekends 
Oct 28 – Dec 23, 2018

Programme Venue

Loyola Institute of Business Administration
Loyola Campus
Chennai - 34

Application Close Date

October 25,  2018

Business & HR Analytics

HR departments are generating more data than ever before. This programme focuses on some of the most important analytics managers can use to better understand the people-related side of their business. It is aimed at giving the participants a conceptual and practical exposure to the application of analytical techniques in the realm of Business & Human Resource Management.
Participants will use real data sets and learn how the output is interpreted to aid decision-making. Case studies from various domains, including HR will ensure that the participants are able to transfer their learning to solution at the workplace.

Digital Marketing

Make yourself more marketable and put your career in high gear with a Certificate in Digital Marketing from LIBA. Learn the key marketing skills most in-demand today: social media strategy and data-driven customer-centric approaches to gain and retain customers. This course examines how digital tools, such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, are revolutionizing the world of marketing by shifting the balance of power from firms to consumers. The programme provides an analysis of how to think from a customer’s point of view and a framework to help design digital and social strategies for the business.

Finance Management

The objective of this programme is to provide an in-depth exposure to the concepts, application and practices of Financial Accounting and Financial Management in a manner that even participants having no prior exposure to the subject, can understand and obtain good levels of proficiency. The course will provide a comprehensive understanding, analysis and interpretation of financial statements together with managerial practices and techniques in the Indian Legal and Corporate Environment.


Management Of Human Resources


Management of human resources has attained great significance in recent times. Management of Human Resources is concerned with selection, performance, management, rewards and development of people in Organizations. These need to be based on sound and robust HR philosophies, strategies, policies, processes and practices. The programme aims at providing a learning space to gain practical knowledge and skills to become a trained professional in managing human resources. The participants will be enabled to learn through self-directed and team-oriented learning activities in addition to lectures and case-studies.

Project Management


In the past few decades, organizations have discovered an incredible insight: the principles of “Project Management” can be applied to almost any aspect of everyday management! Businesses are increasingly recognizing that effective delivery across functions requires efficient project management capabilities.

The programme will give participants an overview of the entire project management process, as well as key project management  tools that they can use every day. Working with project planning documents, such as needs assessment, risk management plan and a communication plan will enhance the he project management capability of the participant.

Supply Chain Management

Today, markets are very competitive and the ability to reach, satisfy and retain customers is critical for the success of every business. Managers, in today’s business world, need to have a comprehensive understanding of various issues in supply chain management which impact businesses.
This programme provides an insight into key issues of SCM and is aimed at enhancing the functional knowledge and understanding of supply chain management.

Cyber Security

The ability to secure information within a modern enterprise-large or small-is a growing challenge. Threats to information security are global, persistent, and increasingly sophisticated. Long gone are the days when managers could hope to secure the enterprise through ad hoc means. Effective information security at the enterprise level requires participation, planning, and practice. It is an ongoing effort that requires management and staff to work together from the same script. Fortunately, the information security community has developed a variety of resources, methods, and best practices to help modern enterprises address the challenge. Unfortunately, employing these tools demands a high degree of commitment, understanding, and skill-attributes that must be sustained through constant awareness and training. 

Six Sigma Green Belt

4 Days Programme

The pressures on today’s frontline managers in   Operations, Manufacturing and in Services are relentless in terms of expectations from customers, senior managers and external suppliers. The major challenge for them today is the ability to deliver quality products/services in an efficient, cost effective and sustainable basis. Many believe that “Efficiency” of a business has overtaken “Growth” in today’s business environment.

Strategic Finance

Nov 11th  to 2nd Dec
You will learn - How do firms decide which projects to fund? What sources of capital can a firm tap? How do investors value such firms? Why do firms forgo the tax-shields associated with debt financing and choose relatively low debt levels?

Finance offers a rigorous analytical framework with which to analyze such financing and investment decisions of individuals and firms. This framework is the result of several decades of research by many scholars, some of whom (Miller, Scholes, Sharpe, Markowitz, Merton) have won the Nobel Prize for their contributions to finance. A study of this framework will help you make value-creating financial decisions for yourself and your firm.

Mindful Leadership

30th Nov and 1st Dec

This is a mindfulness and neuroscience-based leadership development program that trains people on various emotional skills to advance their emotional intelligence and leadership capability. It enables people to explore their inner potential, experience the calmness within, and sharpen clarity of mind, thereby enhance leadership presence which is must in today’s business world. The purpose of the program is to optimize people. It helps them - to bring an edge to their performance - reduces stress, enriches wellbeing, - enhances leadership abilities, furthermore, - it enables people to become the catalyst in creating a joyful home, happier work-place. The program provides an opportunity to people to refresh themselves and motivates them to striving for living life to the fullest, create a business impact and craft a better world around them.

Six Sigma Black Belt


The Black Belt certification program provides an advanced coverage of the Six Sigma methodology. The Black Belt training course provides not only the practical knowledge but also hands-on experience applying these tools on Real-world problems. By the end of the program, candidates would be ready to solve complex business problems using Six Sigma methodology.

Strategic Negotiation

This programme will help participants understand the basic types of negotiations, the phases of negotiation and the skills needed for successful negotiating. It provides a framework for managers/negotiators to analyze and improve their own decision processes and approaches in choosing to reach an international agreement. The purpose of the programme is to assist participants in developing the personal attributes necessary to effectively relate to others. This programme is intended to give a sense of understanding of the opponent and to instil the participant’s confidence to not settle for less than is thought to be fair.



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