Admissions Open, Programme commences on March 04, 2018.


Course Duration

Two Months ( 8 Weekends)
Mar 04 – Apr 29, 2018

Programme Venue

Loyola Institute of Business Administration
Loyola Campus
Chennai - 34

Application Last Date

Feb 25,  2018


Business & HR Analytics

The programme focuses on building knowledge of analytical techniques and the capability to leverage them – to enhance business performance. It is aimed at giving the participants a conceptual and practical exposure to the application of analytical techniques in the realm of Business & Human Resource Management.

The programme will be taught using Microsoft Excel.Participants will use real data sets and learn how the Excel output is interpreted to aid decision-making. Examples will be taken from various domains, including HR to ensure that all participants are able to relate the examples to their area of work.

Digital Marketing

The Internet is now encroaching core business activities such as new product design, advertising, marketing and sales, creation of word-of-mouth and customer service. There is a lot of economic value accruing from the content generated in spaces mediated by social media. There are tangible means for monetization of content through newer forms of online advertising and interactive marketing tools on the mobile web. These processes are just beginning and will have enormous impact on our activities and the way we relate to people and organizations. 
The programme provides an analysis of how to think from a customer’s point of view and a framework to help design digital and social strategies for the business.

Finance Management

The objective of this programme is to provide an in-depth exposure to the concepts, application and practices of Financial Accounting and Financial Management in a manner that even participants having no prior exposure to the subject, can understand and obtain good levels of proficiency. The course will provide a comprehensive understanding, analysis and interpretation of financial statements together with managerial practices and techniques in the Indian Legal and Corporate Environment.


Management Of Human Resources


Management of human resources has attained great significance in recent times. Management of Human Resources is concerned with selection, performance, management, rewards and development of people in Organizations. These need to be based on sound and robust HR philosophies, strategies, policies, processes and practices. The programme aims at providing a learning space to gain practical knowledge and skills to become a trained professional in managing human resources. The participants will be enabled to learn through self-directed and team-oriented learning activities in addition to lectures and case-studies.

Project Management


In the past few decades, organizations have discovered an incredible insight: the principles of “Project Management” can be applied to almost any aspect of everyday management! Businesses are increasingly recognizing that effective delivery across functions requires efficient project management capabilities.

The programme will give participants an overview of the entire project management process, as well as key project management  tools that they can use every day. Working with project planning documents, such as needs assessment, risk management plan and a communication plan will enhance the he project management capability of the participant.

Supply Chain Management

Today, markets are very competitive and the ability to reach, satisfy and retain customers is critical for the success of every business. Managers, in today’s business world, need to have a comprehensive understanding of various issues in supply chain management which impact businesses.
This programme provides an insight into key issues of SCM and is aimed at enhancing the functional knowledge and understanding of supply chain management.

Six Sigma Green Belt


The pressures on today’s frontline managers in   Operations, Manufacturing and in Services are relentless in terms of expectations from customers, senior managers and external suppliers. The major challenge for them today is the ability to deliver quality products/services in an efficient, cost effective and sustainable basis. Many believe that “Efficiency” of a business has overtaken “Growth” in today’s business environment.

Six Sigma Black Belt

The Black Belt certification program provides an advanced coverage of the Six Sigma methodology. The Black Belt training course provides not only the practical knowledge but also hands-on experience applying these tools on Real-world problems. By the end of the program, candidates would be ready to solve complex business problems using Six Sigma methodology.

Lean Certificate Program

The Lean Certificate Program provides you with the deeper understanding, best practices and the experience and credibility you need to implement Lean throughout your organization.   With Lean Certification under your belt, you will be able to establish a culture that embraces Lean principles throughout your group, team or organization.



Sujit Kumar

Management Development Centre

Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA),

Loyola College Campus, Chennai - 600034.

Phone: (91) 44 28177231 / 32 / 33 

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Course Fee

Rs. 18,000 per participant + GST (18%)
Rs. 20,000 per participant +  GST(18%) for Digital Marketing

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